The Social Group began in South West England 7 years before Facebook and 10 years before Twitter. Founder Andrew Haglington has not yet quite received the recognition accorded to the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, but he has led a remarkable life.

We were recently contacted by THE EVENING POST in Bristol, who you would have thought would have been really keen to get hold of the story of how the world was not ready for social networking when it was invented in 1997 by an Englishman who was battling to overcome a terrible illness and looking for a way to find friends. Andrew Haglington failed to attract the backing that Facebook was given and is not today worth billions. But he did find true love and happiness by meeting his wife Cathy, and together the couple have helped countless thousands of local people to make more of their lives, while raising money for charities and good causes along the way.

We have of course been featured by THE EVENING POST in Bristol previously, but certainly not as frequently as one might have expected. As an independent social enterprise, where we take taxpayers money, only draw a minimal wage ourselves and focus all our efforts on enabling local people to be able to enjoy a good social life, you would have expected the local press to be wholeheartedly behind us. Obviously, the more people who know about us, the more people who can take part and get something out of all we do.

Yet this time, appearing oblivious to the bigger story, the newspaper reporter who spoke to us was for some unfathomable reason mostly concerned about the geography of where our team of organisers live and where our members live.

However, if they do indeed run a story on us this month, as the local press in Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall have done for our sister organisations, and if any of you do spot this in THE EVENING POST, we would very much you letting us know and buying a copy of the paper on our behalf, as we’d love to give it some publicity!

Unfortunately, while we do work in Bristol, it’s simply not possible to live everywhere! We are sure we are not the only people who work in Bristol and who spend time in Bristol and who shop in Bristol and who go out in Bristol and who contribute to the economy of Bristol, but who do not actually live inside the city borders.

We love running events in Bristol and love it when local people come out and support events in Bristol. It’s great seeing people in Bristol get so much out of what we offer, making friends and connecting.

The Social Group is now in the process of becoming a national organisation, but Bristol is a very special city for us and Bristol is going to remain a big part of The Social Group for years to come – so this is a plea for all those who can to support us and our enthusiasm for Bristol!

BRISTOL EVENING POST, WESTCOUNTRY ITV, & BBC BRISTOL / SPOTLIGHT please note – we’d love you to feature BRISTOL SOCIAL GROUP and have something more substantial to feature here on this web page! If you do want to feature us, please get in touch!